Consultancy Services

About Consultancy

Telcon Signs Consultancy has a dedicated team of graphic designers and project managers, who have years of experience working on complete branding solutions.

With a team of such talented individuals, our attitude to all projects is pragmatic and holistic rather than complex and inflexible.

Telcon Signs Consultancy provides a 360- degree approach to project management; including activities like planning, concept design, concept development, and contract management.

Products and Services

Telcon Signs provides way-finding consultancy and analysis and designs signage systems for cities, hospitals, malls and hotels. Our job is to make it easier for people to find their way around complex sites and facilities and we do this by specializing in the delivery of engineering and way-finding designs.

Designing a way-finding system can be complex as it should integrate with the surrounding architecture, landscape and interior design. Through way-finding analysis combined with careful planning and implementation of appropriate systems, we can help your organisation follow a logical path. We see way-finding as much more than just a series of signs, and therefore plan comprehensive systems to solve complex problems of disorientation.

Architecture and Interior Design

Telcon Signs has an exceptional combination of expertise in hotel architecture and interior design. We have experience in the design and management of hotels across the world.

We have thorough detailed knowledge of the property markets, building technology, energy, space planning and interior design, and ensure that our clients achieve effective, efficient, commercially viable buildings that are successful environments to work in.

We’re constantly investing in technology. We use state-of-the-art, fully integrated CAD technology and implement quality control procedures through all stages of design.

We also provide 3D modelling, visual walk-through, and computer generated videos so that clients can explore design concepts in greater depths. We develop art, accessory and graphic signage programs and our presentation media includes drawings, sketches, perspectives, renderings, colour, material boards, photographs and models.

Every Telcon Signs product begins with specific, clearly defined aesthetic, marketing and budgetary goals. Our reputation rests on the single most important test of achieving these goals: our clients’ success in the marketplace.

We remain actively involved throughout the project and will always be immediately accessible.